Traditional and Contemporary homes do not share similar floor plans.  The Modern house has been trending away from rectilinear form for several years.  A contemporary plan may offer unique solutions to tight or unusual lot conditions.  Also in areas with limited maximum heights, flat roofs offer higher floor to ceilings.  Period-Style houses tend to be based on rectilinear geometry which results in simpler pitched rooflines.  French and Italian Renaissance based villas and palaces share boxy plans but are represented with columns and arches, decorative moldings and details.

The rural or 'country' house is a miniature of the palaces and villas architects and builders were eager to replicate in an affordable manner.  Period style houses can also fit narrower and odd lot shapes.  Send your survey with a general list of rooms, spaces, style, and budget to John Henry Architect for a preliminary discussion on the best design for your needs!



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