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  • John Henry Architect

Celebrating 35 years of beautiful residential design!

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

John Henry has been creating homes of all sizes and styles beginning in 1987. Clients seek him from all 50 states, China, Saudi Arabia, and Europe.

John believes that drawing as much of the design by hand yields the most human quality to any project. He creates the facades and interiors completely by hand and utilizes the computer in only the floor planning.

Even though opportunity for expression is boundless, only the proper match of plan, theme, and site woven together with the will of the Owner will result in a truly enduring and timeless Architecture, one that will retain its Investment Value over time."
For over 30 years Award Winning Architect John Henry has proven -consistently, that his unique capabilities and background can satisfy the desires of the most demanding and esteemed client. Through continuous personal research and a commitment to Design Excellence, in each case the result is a 'one-of-a kind' residence that bears a distinct 'signature style': timeless, a true classic..

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